AIA General Assembly Meeting 2020

Jernej Sluga

The General Assembly meeting of AIA (Aphasia International Association) was slightly different this year – held by video call – on Saturday October 10, 2020. We welcomed representatives from aphasia organisations in 10 different countries.

The first three agenda items were devoted to a greeting, a review of the previous minutes, and a brief chat about how we are coping with the current Covid -19 situation. This was followed by a report on activities in the last 12 months, which members of the AIA Board had approved at their recent meeting.

The key activities were:

We agreed the new plans by voting.

In the second part of the meeting, each participant gave a short PowerPoint slide presentation about their organisation - key activities and plans for the future. I also gave a presentation myself, with Fanni helping me, mostly because of English, which is causing me problems in my second life.

So far, we have had the annual meeting in person, each time at a different location. We planned to socialise and meet in Cyprus for this year, but the current situation crossed our plans. I hope to see you in person again next year (2021), right in Cyprus as we planned.