Slovenian Aphasia Section in Gatwick

Jernej Sluga

On the 6th of October 2018 I was invited by the president of Association Internationale Aphasie Melanie Derbyshire in Gatwick to represent the Slovenian Aphasia Section which was also celebrating the 2nd anniversary of its existence. My mission as a spokesperson and also a victim of this insidious illness was to speak on behalf of people in Slovenia and all over the world who were also affected by stroke and suffer with Aphasia. I had to send the message out, loud and clear – »think outside the stroke, life goes on«.

We have more than 50 International Aphasia Organisations over the world that are driving changes by uniting the global aphasia communities. Aphasia organizations are very important because they are not only helping and connecting people with Aphasia but also giving them reason to keep fighting »the brain which holds their words hostage«.

The main motive for the establishment of the Aphasia Section in Slovenia was to ensure help to all members who survived stroke and have Aphasia because they are often overlooked. The Section not only helps people with Aphasia to get better with their communicating but also helps their families and caregivers.

Slovenian Aphasia Section's goal is to support people with Aphasia and their needs to overcome frustrating and isolating disability in their environment.

Our section is composed of three groups from which two are in Ljubljana. Tamara Ivoševič leads the first group and Vojko Kuhar leads the second. The third group of the section is in Kranj and is led by Robert Ravnikar. The main coordinator of the groups is Jernej Sluga (who is also a board member of the Association Internationale Aphasie). The heart of Aphasia is Nada Žemva the speech and language therapist. Groups meet once a month. The group facilitators are providing positive and dynamic activities that are fun and helpful for the members.

I would like to thank the president of the Association Internationale Aphasie Melanie Derbyshire for kind their invitation to Gatwick to represent Slovenian Aphasia Section. My thanks also go to the speech and language therapist Nada Žemva for helping with Powerpoint. I also thank the speech and language therapist Piia Aro-Pulliainen for her kind help with my presentation on Saturday. And last but not least I would like to thank all the present members in Gatwick.